Everything that happened until now has been to prepare us for the Year of the Water Tiger.

According to Taoist Astrology, we have entered the year of the Water Tiger. Most branches of astrology and their readings agree that the year we have just entered is truly one of a kind. All the previous experiences and lessons we have passed through have served to prepare us for 2022. The time for us to start embodying all our virtues and living our highest potential has come. 2022 will not be an easy year – on the contrary, it will be one of the hardest. But at the same time, it is offering us a chance for exponential growth and incredible breakthroughs. Both on a personal and global level.

Personally, I am convinced that any ill fate, no matter how grim, can be alchemically transformed into an incredible destiny if we follow our heart and stand by our virtues. Anything and everything, no matter the energy it carries, can become the wind in our sails if we know how to use it.


Savina Atai spent her childhood and teenage years at the feet of some of the worlds’ greatest masters of spirituality and regeneration. She learned the ancient secrets of rejuvenation and renewal directly from the masters … first hand. As a little girl she was baptized into six religions and received more than 100 blessings and initiations. Before she was even old enough to go to school, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the father of transcendental meditation, had taught her his special “Yogi Flying” technique … and before most kids have a permanent set of teeth, she was “guzzling the golden waters” with the Avatars and partaking of prana with the gurus.

Unfortunately her extreme childhood wasn’t just spent gathering ancient knowledge. It was also riddled with trauma and abuse of all kinds. This had a deeply debilitating effect on her health on all levels. An endless string of dangerous diets and unorthodox dietary habits ended up leaving her with the endocrine system of an 80-year-old … at the tender age of 25. It also left her with a serious autoimmune disease called “Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.” Her body’s reserves had been completely wiped out and dried up … both physically and psychologically.

In a desperate bid to regain her health, she decided to take a deep dive into all the ancient knowledge that she had been exposed to from an early age, sift out all the fluff and dogma, and combine the true treasures with the latest advances in modern medicine. During her research she realized that the main secret to our body’s regeneration lies in the activation of the so called “Golden Hormones” … the hormones produced by our body’s main endocrine engines – the glands in the head.

These glands hold the key to our health, focus, energy, and rejuvenation. This realization inspired Savina to place a particular focus on endocrinology … and to join forces with many endocrinology experts. This research, combined with the ancient yogic knowledge she had acquired at a young age, led her to develop a unique workout system called Tao Face Yoga. This system uses exercises that target facial muscles in order to activate the entire endocrine system “headquartered” directly beneath them. This aids the body in achieving not only whole body regeneration, rejuvenation, and emotional resilience … but it also unlocks our creativity and opens us to our fullest potential.

Now at 42 years of age, Savina’s endocrine system functions like that of an 18-year-old … and she has successfully transformed her trauma into the wind that fills her sails.

She eagerly shares her knowledge and easy-to-use tips, tricks, and juicy hacks with the world … and has helped tens of thousands of people overcome their burnout and reignite their radiance.

More than 40,000 people joined Savina’s “Juicy and Strong” online “Immunity and Beauty Bootcamp” which featured guest speakers from all over the world, including world renowned teachers such as Mantak Chia, Wim Hof, Dave Asprey, and many more.

Most recently, Savina brought her knowledge to the FLOW Summit where she joined forces with the likes of Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Byron Katie, the Dalai Lama and many other luminaries.

She is the author of several bestsellers, regularly appears as both a guest host and guest on TV shows, and organizes workshops and lectures all around the world. She is a regular writer for “Yoga Magazine” and is currently working on a book with Taoist Master and bestselling author … Mantak Chia. The book will focus on Tao Face Yoga and “Juicy Hacking” – a system designed to help you completely renew and rejuvenate the endocrine system, your emotions, and your inner strength.

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The Tiger has finally seen its face reflected in the surface of the water. It has been raised to believe it is nothing but a harmless house cat. But in reality, its true greatness is beyond compare.

THIS is a year of GREATNESS nourished by your HEART. Embody it. It belongs to you. It is who you are.

Get access to your GIFT: E-BOOK with advice for THE YEAR OF THE WATER TIGER.