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My life path is my biggest wound and my biggest gift at the same time. A story that inspired more than 70.000 Women and gave me the power to enlighten my trauma and helped me rejuvenate my body emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Savina Atai – the levitating little girl who traded enlightenment for a vibrator, started living her life, and now helps thousands of Women ignite their golden hormones.

Before the age of nine, Savina had been baptised in 6 different religions, gone through more than 100 spiritual initiations, and mastered advanced yogi, Taoist, and shamanistic techniques. She later swore never to return to the realm of spirituality again. 

I had been officially at odds with spirituality for most of my life. It had taken everything from me. It had taken my mother.

Spirituality took my childhood away from me. It took my little brother from me too. He died of undernourishment when he was only ten months old. My mother was charged with negligent homicide.

I had to watch him starve and wither away. I even went down on my knees and begged my mother to take him to the hospital. But she was too busy writing letters to the Pope demanding he abolish celibacy. Spirituality took my mother away from me again and again. After my little brother’s death, she only spiraled further out of control in her frantic search of God.

Then, spirituality gave me my stepfather – an ex Roman Catholic priest who showed me the true meaning of hell whenever he entered my bedroom at night. If there was ever something in my life that I truly wanted to run away from, it was spirituality.

read my story

I combined all the knowledge that had been given to me on a silver platter when I was a little girl and transformed it into practical mathematical formulas.

These formulas gave birth to a practical approach to spirituality with a healthy body, perky breasts, and lifted corners of the mouth.

Meditation in high heels and Victoria Secret lingerie

On my spiritual journey I have met an astounding number of spiritual charlatans, yet at the same time, I have had the honour of studying under the purest, most knowledgeable experts on ancient medicine and true spirituality.

Before I could recite my multiplication tables I knew how to find and activate all the meridians in the body.

Regardless of which book or source material I accessed, they all lead me to the endocrine system.

Out of all this knowledge I developed a unique system called
Juicy Face Lifting which uses the activation of facial and cranial muscles to rejuvenate the face and smooth wrinkles as well as rehabilitate the pineal and pituitary glands.

Ana B.Mozetič

The greatest gift I could have possibly given myself and my 4-year-old daughter was that I started taking care of myself. I have no problem with my daughter being in the room watching be while I perform the exercises and pamper myself. Sometimes, I talk to her while I work out and explain to her what I am doing. Recently, I’ve caught her sitting in front of the mirror doing the Joker facial yoga pose all on her own. She also knows how to do the Cobra and the Downward Dog. I’ve even seen her massage her chest. It is so incredibly cute! 🙂

So, dear Savina, even if this is the only thing I achieve in the 5 Women Within Me online school, I have done more than I could have ever possibly imagined. By being authentic and true to my inner Woman, I can be a positive influence on my daughter and have the confidence to explain to her what is happening in her body as a little girl and what will happen when she grows into a Woman.

Nataša Forštner Holešek

Savina’s program 5 Women Within Me taught me so many new things, gave me several moments of realization (that I affectionately call OOOH moments), and gave me the confidence to believe that I can heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize my body. I learned how to use superfoods even more accurately and in more useful ways than ever before. My body feels completely reborn and my breasts are much fuller and perkier. My skin looks so much younger that you wouldn’t guess my actual age.

🙂 People keep asking me what my secret to looking so good and having so much energy is. 🙂 Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and I felt like a shadow of my former self. Now my looks, energy levels, and my health are better than ever before!

Mateja Praznik

I am so grateful for all the incredible people and all the amazing Women I have met in and through this community, and for all the interesting topics that I could discover, listen to, contribute to, and further delve into by myself. One of the best things about this community for me was finding my personal business coach. She is the perfect fit for me, and we have been working together ever since. I also loved the Theta meditations Savina and Iza Login shared with us. They were truly groundbreaking for me.
The topics, discussions, and lectures that we could follow via Facebook Live were amazing as well. But most importantly, Savina, your genuine nature and your openness were the greatest gifts I have ever received.

Tanja Rihteršič

In the summer of 2017, I suffered a severe panic attack. It was the worst moment of my life so far. After that I entered the Golden Woman Lifting school and not only have I learned a lot about facial yoga, healthy food and eating habits, feminine energy, relationships, and health in general, but the Golden Woman Lifting program has helped me fully heal my body and mind.

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Na javnem profilu Savina Atai se lahko pridružiš Live druženjem in pogovorom, slediš vsebini za ženske in se povežeš z ženskami iz cele Slovenije. Tukaj se med seboj podpiramo in si pomagamo na poti rasti.

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Žvrkljanje olja

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Gepostet von Savina Atai am Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018