What is New Zealand teaching me?

Dear Passionate,

I am sharing my gratitude letter to New Zealand with you.

New Zealand… you teach me to do things differently than I am used to.
You teach me that by slowing down I can accomplish more than I could ever do in a rush, because I no longer have to waste time fixing the mistakes I make when I’m in a hurry.

You show me what is truly important and help me let go of everything else. Less is more. Simplicity is power.
You teach me to rest. I never knew how to do that before.
You enlighten me about the creativity born of tranquility, ease, simplicity, and playfulness… not of strain, problems, and a sense of duty.

You guide me into taking time off work and focusing on my life beyond it – my inner world, the intimacy between two souls, the work I do for the world around me, and my creativity. You show me that by uniting all the different parts of me… I become whole.

You teach me to do absolutely nothing sometimes and not feel guilty about it.
You are changing me, you are calming me, and you are helping me regenerate.
You are teaching me to be like you – to have strong and clear outer borders yet remain soft and gentle within.

Slovenia, you are my home, my blood, my heart.
Crete, you are my security, my family, my food, my solitude, all my previous lives, and the healing of all my most painful wounds.
New Zealand, you are my peace, my clarity, my intimacy, my happiness, my closeness, and my freedom.
All three of you are my Love and my Blessing.

New Zealand, your name means New Passion.
And this is what you have given me.
A rebirth.
A New Life.
The Maori call you Aotearoa… the Land of the Long White Cloud.
Thank you for taking me in,


New Zealand, your name means New Passion.
And this is what you have given me.
Thank you for taking me in.

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