Facial Yoga for YUMMY LIPS


Your lips are the indicators of your passion, sensuality, and pleasure.


Cold temperatures can be harsh for our skin and the heating in our houses and apartments only dries out our skin further, so it should come as to no surprise that our lips most often pay a steep price. They are dry, chapped, lacking circulation, and begging for help and attention.

So, it is especially important that we pay extra attention to our lips. It is a good idea to nurture and spoil them daily with exercises designed to naturally lift them and fill them out. And we also shouldn’t forget about offering them a little extra care in order to reactivate their fullness and juiciness.


Before you turn your attention to the exercises, you first need to warm up your lips. You can do so with the following trick: gently nibble on your lower lip with your teeth up and down, left and right, massaging them.

Then do the same thing to your upper lip.

The gentle pressure of your teeth will wake up your lips, increase their circulation, and rejuvenate them.


This exercise will not only fill out your lips but also strengthen the nasolabial muscles that are in charge of lifting and lowering the labial muscles in the inner part of your face. This exercise will also smooth out the fine lines above your upper lip, and fill out the ‘lines of despair’ that go from you nostrils to the corner of your lips.

How to perform the exercise?

  • Insert your thumbs into your mouth where the line/wrinkle leading from your nostrils meets the corners of your lips.
  • Attach the second knuckle of your index finger to your thumb by pinching your upper lip.
  • Gently pull your lips down, then forward. Gently rotate them downwards with a gentle twist of your wrists.
  • Pull your upper lip back and lift your cheeks into a smile.

Your lips also represent your reproductive organs, so this exercise rejuvenates your reproductive organs.


This is what the full lips of an extremely fine lady should look like. Performing this exercise is literally like grabbing hold of an imaginary string attached to the corners of your lips and tightening it. By doing so you smoothen out the area surrounding your lips and your cheeks, while also increasing the circulation to our lips by applying pressure on them.

How to perform the exercise?

  • Press your lips firmly together like you are trying to blow someone a kiss. Then, holding the kiss, lift the corners of your lips into a somewhat smug and conceited smile.
  • Push your tongue flatly against the roof of your mouth.
  • Press your index fingers into the corners of your lips and massage them thoroughly.
  • Next, use your finger to travel upwards along the big fork-like muscle located at the corners of your lips all the way up to the outer corners of your eyes (always applying an equal amount of pressure). Stop there.
  • Hold the tension and keep the muscle lifted, then press firmly into that area using all your fingers. Close your eyes and roll your eyes backwards towards your vertex.

Perform this exercise slowly and carefully. Before you attempt it, coat your fingers with some facial cream or oil (you can even use coconut oil or evening primrose oil) to prevent your skin from wrinkling and creasing underneath your fingertips. 


This exercise lifts the entire circular lip muscle. Because it also requires you to lift your cheeks up, it constantly strengthens the muscles attached between your lip muscle and your cheeks. As your lips move in an out, they encourage the intake of energy into the body. This way your body acts like a pump for life energy, and your lips become fuller and firmer.

How to perform the exercise?

  • Form a long and narrow OOO with your lips.
  • Pull your lips over your teeth and pull your cheeks up.
  • Place a finger vertically in front of your lips.
  • Slowly inhale through the nose and pull your cheeks even further up.
  • Slowly and evenly, exhale through your mouth as if you are trying to blow at a dandelion clock. As you do so, carefully and slowly purse your lips outwards while keeping your cheeks high as if in a smile.
  • As you inhale, slowly suck your lips back over your teeth and then repeat the exercise on an exhale.

If you add squeezing and lifting up your perineum on every inhale, you will significantly magnify the results of this exercise.


Use your index finger to massage the pressure point located between your cupid’s bow and your upper lip – so right at the border of your lips. Stimulating this spit replenishes and renews the heart-like shape of your lips, increases your lips’ circulation, and alleviates sinus and gum problems, helps with bad breath, prevents nosebleeds, and decongests your nose.


Before you go to sleep, exfoliate your lips with a peeling made out of a few drops of olive oil and brown sugar. Apply the mixture to your lips and gently scrub them with your finger.

After you rinse the peeling off, smear your lips with a little bit of honey and allow your lips to absorb it. In the morning, your lips will be silky smooth and glowing.

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  1. Karin says:

    Dear Savina,

    I saw your video on Flow Summit. Can you recommend books about Face Yoga? If yes, please tell me the title of the book and his writer/author.
    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,
    Karin Meier

  2. Sünje says:

    Dear Savani,
    I would like to take part at the face Yoga starting in April. I’ve seen you at Flow Summit and I feel very personal appealed… Thank you!
    Have a wonderful day, Sünje

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