Emotions Free From Artificial Sweeteners


Dear Open-Hearted,

I grew up in an environment where I was forbidden from feeling anything. Emotions such as sadness, anger, and fear were deemed negative and therefore nonspiritual. So, they had to be suppressed and denied, while all transgressions against me had to be forgiven. I was neither taught nor allowed to set healthy boundaries, say “NO!”, or show courage in the face of adversity.

I was being raised to be a numb spiritual robot.

Stopping ourselves from feeling the whole spectrum of our emotions is toxic for our physical and mental health as it leads to imbalances that can manifest themselves in our lives in various harmful ways – turning to food or overeating, addictions, self-harm, entering into toxic relationships, self-sabotage, depressive episodes … to name a few!

For me learning how to get in touch with and feel my anger was the hardest. Finally connecting with it (trust me, it’s part of all of us) was one of the most healing, groundbreaking, and liberating experiences of my life.

Today, I listened to the amazing Dr. Christiane Northrup, the author of several bestsellers, including my beloved book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. Dr. Northrup talked about how scientists researching a certain group of Buddhist monks trained to maintaining only the vibration of Love discovered that an unusually high number of those monks suffered from diabetes. What baffled the scientists was that the monks’ healthy diet couldn’t have possibly contributed to such a medical outcome.

So, they kept searching for answers until they found the real cause of the illness. Due to the monks’ devotion solely to the vibration of Love, their bodies were being flooded with endorphins 24/7 and their brains were constantly operating in a state of “sweetness”.

We know that too much sugar is bad for us. 

There is a reason why we can distinguish between 5 different tastes, why there are 5 elements of creation, and why we have 5 main emotions. Balancing these elements is the key to our health, our connection to our Souls, and our access to our Inner Power.

Yes, the Vibration of Love is absolutely one of the highest frequencies in the Universe. Yes, it is our home, but we need to enter it organically, naturally, not through artificial or forced means, and certainly not by using artificial vibrational sweeteners. 

We need to reconnect with our natural sweetness instead. We can achieve that by feeling ALL our feelings and finding healthy ways of expressing them. Once we do that, we can then choose the frequency we want to embody and expand ourselves into it THROUGH the awareness of our emotions.

The times we are living in are engulfed in chaos and imbalance. On one hand we are in a constant state of fear and uncertainty and on the other we want to hide behind the rose colored glasses of denial and convince ourselves that everything is fine and the world is “just” transitioning onto a higher level of consciousness. 

Not feeling any fear, anger, or worry during these trying times… is not natural. 

Knowing how to feel, enter, deal with, and let go of our emotions to uplift ourselves is the key to unlocking our true, natural Power. This Power nourishes our immune system and balances the hormones that control our brain and our neurotransmitters. So, nurturing this Power helps manifest the clarity we need to make the right decisions and work towards our greatest good.

So, let’s be gentle with ourselves in these challenging times.
Let’s choose to stay connected to our true feelings.
Let’s feel FOR ALL
And feel it ALL.
Let’s give ourselves and one another support and encouragement.Because when we allow ourselves to feel EVERYTHING, we automatically rise our vibrational frequency and feel empowered.

I believe with all my heart that we will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever before.

True strength is born from delving deep into our inner self. We can do that by feeling all our emotions without trying to suppress, deny, or judge them but by simply embracing them instead.




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