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According to the Tao calendar of Nature, a new, crucial, and extremely intense year has just begun. It is a year that multiplies … so we must be EXTREMELY careful about what we allow it to enlarge.
I’ve put together 24 main guidelines that include the wisdom of all branches of astrology and the knowledge of Nature’s Rhythmic Cycles. These keys will unlock your Energy of Wood – your vision, recognition, health, breakthroughs, and strength.
Primož Kozole, a BaZi metaphysicist, described the year 2024 so perfectly during his lecture in our Elixir Oasis School:“Be as powerful as a Sequoia tree, growing atop a rocky summit. May nothing uproot your goals, virtues, and focus.Be as calm as a Mother peacefully nursing her babe amidst the greatest chaos.
Be as adaptable as Bruce Lee (this year’s chart is the same as the chart of the year he was born). Water knows when to retreat and find a different path … but it also knows how to overcome any force directed at it in one fell swoop. How? By
alchemically turning her opponents’ force against them, never wasting any of her own energy.”

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At age 25 Savina Atai had the hormones of an 80-year-old.
Now at age 43, she has the thriving endocrine system of a 25-year-old.

This journey of healing and transformation began with Savina growing up at the
mercy of a “borderline” mother … who chased after every “spiritual fad,” “diet
craze” and guru that came along.

Like many things, it was a double edged sword …

On one hand she spent her early years sitting at the feet of the some of the
world’s most well known gurus, spiritual leaders, and teacherslearning the
ancient secrets of rejuvenation and renewal directly from the masters.
Before she was even old enough to go to school, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the
father of Transcendental Meditation, had taught her his special “Yogi Flying”
technique … and before most kids have a permanent set of teeth, she was
“guzzling the golden waters” with the Avatars and partaking of prana with
the gurus.

By the time she was 13 she had been baptized in 6 religions and received
more than 100 spiritual initiations.

On the other hand, her childhood was riddled with trauma and abuse of all
kinds. The endless string of dangerous diets and unorthodox dietary habits
had a deeply debilitating effect on her health on all levels. She literally spent
her early years struggling to survive on wheatgrass juice and brown rice …
and watching her baby brother die.

Understandably, in her 20’s she completely rejected all the “spirituality & gurus.”

But as her health continued to deteriorate from the effects of all the trauma and
extreme diets of her childhood, she began urgently seeking solutions, and started
remembering and applying some of the things she had learned as a child … and
discovered that some of it was actually priceless ancient wisdom.

Her focus was on her hormones (because they were in such bad shape) … and she was also diagnosed with a severe case of an autoimmune disease called MCAS.

She had learned from the Taoist teachings that hormones were controlled by the “Master Glands” in the head. She combined these teachings with some of her yogic knowledge from the Indian traditions and created a revolutionary new workout technique that activated the glands in the head by training facial and cranial muscles. She eventually came to call it: “Tao Face Yoga.”

It completely transformed her health and her life. She went on to collaborate with numerous medical professionals and cutting edge endocrinology experts as she integrated her ancient knowledge and revolutionary “Tao Face Yoga” with the latest discoveries in modern medicine.
Her unique approach has since helped hundreds of thousands of women worldwide …

Reignite their hormones and juiciness
Bounce back from burnout and rekindle their radiance
Synchronize their cycles with their biorhythm clock
Release their trauma
Unlock their emotional strength and stability
Unleash their creativity
Activate their truest, highest potential

Her online school for women (100+ lectures per year) has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of women … and her recent online program “Juicy & Strong” had more than 40,000 participants from all over the world.

She has also written several bestselling books, hosted and collaborated with many TV shows, been on the cover of and contributed articles to more than 30 magazines (including “Yoga Magazine”), and held lectures all over the world … including presenting and teaching her revolutionary technique at the renowned Santa Barbara Cancer Center.

She is currently working on a book titled “Tao Face Yoga – The Beauty and Brain Switch” with Master Mantak Chia (mega-bestselling author and world-renowned authority on Taoism). The book includes guest chapters from several world renowned specialists and doctors … and focuses on the complete regeneration of the brain and endocrine system, facial rejuvenation and beauty and anti-aging, achieving and maintaining emotional stability, sharpening focus and unleashing creativity … and full empowerment in all aspects of one’s life.

Her favorite pastimes are teaching the more than 2000 women in her Elixir Oasis school … and spending time with her husband Garrett and Shih Tzu Lotus.

Get access to your GIFT: E-BOOK with advice for The 24 KEYS to unlock the Year of the Wooden Dragon.