The Yogini Face Lifting Workout

The Yoga Workout That Targets All 57 Muscles Of Your Face And Ignites Golden Hormones

YOGINI FACE LIFTING WORKOUT is your cosmetic surgeon, psychotherapist guardian against stress, valut of inspiration and creativity, and your personal physicial all in one. Not only will this workout activate your inner Wi-Fi of health and prosperity it will also visibly rejuvenate you.



Did you know that the more you tone your facial and cranial muscles the more the impulses created by flexing them increase blood circulation to and the oxygenation of the brain and its glands?

Did you also know that this is the key to ensur- ing every single cell in your body is at its opti- mal health, youth, hydration, and energisation. This means that fit facial and cranial muscles con- trol the switch that turns on your inner and outer radiance.

Speaking of which, when you lift and fill out the muscles of your face, you also smooth wrinkles, obtain full(er) cheeks, eradicate double chins, lift the corners of your mouth, and sculpt your face.

In order to beat gravity at its own game, we dis- tinguish three different ageing categories when it comes to the face. All you need to do is determine which of the three types applies to you, adjust your exercise selection accordingly, and viola, your magical facial formula is ready.

This is what ancient Taoist medicine calls the two most important control centres in your body. Lately, the most innovative scientific and medical discoveries have confirmed this theory and agree that the brain contains the keys to igniting and rebalancing your entire endocrine system and eradicating stress.

The more your hormones are ignited, the younger you are

The stronger the glands in your brain are the juicier, stress resilient, well-rested, healthy, inspired, and powerful you are. When you have a fit hypothalamus, stress cannot touch or affect you. You find solutions where other people see problems and are ready to face the challenges life throws your way.

Plus… You are extremely magnetic💕

The reason behind this is that a properly functioning endocrine system is always ready to supply you with an abundant amount of pheromones. My students often, quite justifiably so, claim that the Yogini Face Lifting helped them transform from ‘Desperate Housewives’ to ‘Sex and the City’ superheroes. When our bodies produce an abundance of hormones and pheromones even menopause ceases to show its claws and instead transforms into the so-called ‘second spring’ (another expression used in Taoist medicine).

Stress is detrimental to your health. Especially the health of the glands in your brain (the pineal and pituitary gland, as well as the hypothalamus). These, when exposed to prolonged stress, begin resembling dried up, wrinkly raisins. When they are robbed of their hormonal juices, they become so exhausted and depleted that they no longer perform their intended function which is to control ALL OTHER glands in the body and the hormones they produce.

By exercising your cranial muscles, you increase circulation to the brain and the oxygenation of your body.

 This transforms your sad raisins back into firm, juicy grapes. Once full of their hormonal and neurotransmitter juices, (composed of melatonin, growth hormone, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine) it is easy for your glands to direct your body like a well-tuned endocrine orchestra, and reignite your juicy, rejuvenating sex hormones.

As soon as your hormones are no longer ‘out of tune they create a symphony of health for your body to thrive on.

By now we all know that the adrenal burnout syndrome is a real epidemic of our modern lifestyle. What we aren’t as familiar with is the burnout syndrome of the glands in the brain. If we truly want to nip burnout syndrome in the bud, we need to take care of them first. Only then can the adrenal gland and the endocrine system rest and recuperate.

Both ancient yogis and Taoist masters knew that circular muscles are the most important muscles in the human body. They are rightfully named the ‘Windows of Life and Death’.

We women have five circular muscles:

the vaginal muscle, the anal muscle, two ocular muscles, and the mouth muscle. The stronger these muscles are the more properly positioned our internal organs are. The weaker these muscles are the more we age and the less energy we have.


The body’s circular muscles are connected. This means that drooping corners of the mouth indicate the sagging of breasts and uterus as well.

Most of the exercises in the Yogini Face Lifting programme are optimised for lifting the corners of the mouth. These muscles are about the size of a millet grain, yet they are the anchors for the heaviest and most important muscles of the entire face. So, make sure you check the corners of your mouth asap! Which way are they turned?

What Do Wrinkles Around The Eyes Mean? What About The Ones Between Our Eye-brows?

All ancient medical practices used the face as a diagnostic tool for determining the state of the body and its internal organs. The face is like an open book, if you know how to READ it!

The area under the eyes shows the state of your kidneys and your adrenal gland.

If the skin there is darkened, this points to an unbalance of cortisol – the stress hormone – and warns of adrenal burnout. If this area of your face is extremely wrinkled this means that you are lacking melatonin and growth hormone. Melatonin is a hormone and an incredible antioxidant. This makes it crucial for our health.


The area between the eyebrows is connected to the liver.

If it is riddled with wrinkles and prone to creasing, this indicates that the liver is overburdened with toxins.

In Chinese medicine wrinkles are known as energy blockages on certain organs.

I couldn’t agree more.

Imagine a balloon full of air. It is firm and round. Now, imagine the air slowly staring to seep out. The balloon immewdiately starts sagging and wrinkling. The muscles of your body are covered with your skin. Nothing, not even the best surgical treatments in the world, can make up for badly toned muscles.

The more your muscles are toned, fit, and positioned in their rightful places, the better your circulation is.

This helps your body produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid (which ensure your skin’s firmness, smoothness, and elasticity) and prevents lymph from accumulating in the body. (You can perform the Yogini Face Lifting regardless of whether you use Botox and fillers. However, using Botox and fillers does not mean that the muscles responsible for stabilising and lifting the face are at their optimal fitness. Since these muscles are responsible for holding up your immobile bones – especially your skull – it is crucial that they are toned and strengthened to prevent further sagging.)

In Chinese medicine, Alzheim- er’s and dementia are known as ‘illnesses of an overheated head’.

The brain’s main function is keeping our cells and organs healthy. Yet our brain is the organ that is most often the most used, overheated, and abused! It should come as no surprise that the amount of degenerative diseases and brain illnesses is drastically rising. The Yogini Face Lifting programme ensures the proper circulation of blood to the brain, which ensures rejuvenation. It also im- proves memory, mental capacity, focus, concentration, and creativity. It dispels the ‘foggy brain’ syndrome, sharpens eyesight, and much, much more.


The area from the neck up is the equivalent of our body’s CEO’s office.

The brain, the nervous system, the glands, the meeting point of a hundred meridians, a sea of acupressure points, the state of all our internal organs, and 57 muscles are all located there.
When these muscles are in their rightful place, at their optimal fitness level, and at the appropriate volume, the whole office functions as it should. This means that we maintain a youthful appearance and childlike energy levels.

Heavy metals accumulate in the brain more frequently and in greater quantities than any other part of the body.

 By increasing the circulation of blood and with it the oxygen supply to the brain, we rid it of poisons. Furthermore, this helps our body produce neurotransmitters crucial for our mental health and create a healthy chemical balance in the brain. The glands in the body are home to our deepest, most repressed traumas. This is where ee hide anything we do not wish to see, confront, live through, or be. By performing facial exercises, we enable our body to safely and gently let go of these traumas and start the healing process.

If we regularly train our facial muscles, we increase the movement of our glands and neural centres, open up repressed emotions, release traumas, tap into our deepest potentials, and start living a free life.

 Self-sabotage suddenly becomes weaker than us and we are capable of standing up to it.

By now we all know that the adrenal burnout syndrome is a real epidemic of our modern lifestyle. What we aren’t as familiar with is the burnout syndrome of the glands in the brain. If we truly want to nip burnout syndrome in the bud, we need to take care of them first. Only then can the adrenal gland and the endocrine system rest and recuperate.

The purpose of meditation is to activate the glands in the body. In yoga and Taoism, the glands in the body are also known as ‘the bridge between the physical and the spiritual world’ and the body’s ‘light switches’ – meaning our guides on the path to enlightenment.

I lovingly call them ‘the portal to our superpowers’. The more youthful and the more oxygenated our glands are the more we are aware of our greatness and our connected to the Universe. The more connected we are to ourselves the better our internal wi-fi – the communication between our cells, hormones, and nervous system – functions.

The integration of these elements is the key to manifesting abundance in all areas of our life and the key to unlocking our purpose.

These exercises are my absolute favourite. I prefer them to of all other meditations and techniques I know (and I know a great many). I
respect all approaches and use them regularly, but I always combine them with these exercises. The reason behind it is that these exercises enable me to physically access these switches, not ‘simply visualise them.


This is why I love this workout programme so much. Every time I do it, my body feels fresh, clear, and reflective – like a freshly washed and polished mirror. It enables me to see a clearer picture of myself, and I really wish that it helps you see how beautiful, powerful, open, and one-of-a-kind you are too. I adore the fact that these exercises get rid of wrinkles.

Of course, I do! I also love the fact that I have taught them to thousands of women who wanted to tone their faces yet have achieved so much more than enhanced their beauty. They experienced a rebirth of their endocrine system, their libido, and their health. But all these are nothing but simple ‘side effects’. What I love most about these exercises is that they help us remember who we truly are, embody it, and boldly live it.


By the time I was twenty-six years old, my body was so dried out, weakened, and spent that I felt like I was a hundred and two. My childhood was riddled with trauma left behind by repeated sexual and frequent emotional abuse.

Furthermore, I had been subjected to several extreme diets lacking proper protein and healthy fats as a child, meaning my body was deprived of the essential nutrients it needed to grow and develop healthily.

(As a little girl I was baptised in six different religions and spent my childhood travelling the world, tagging along on my mother’s spiritual expeditions. I also lost my baby brother to malnutrition and negligence.) On our way back from a religious pilgrimage my family got into a horrible car accident that crushed my sacrum and nearly cost me my leg. Instead of physiotherapy, my mother applied vigorous prayer to my injuries. The accident left me with horrible side effects not only of the physical variety – my endocrine system was completely crippled.

Although my childhoos was traumatic, it offered me the unique opportunity to learn from the world’s greatest masters of ancient medicine and metaphysics.


At the age of twenty-six I didn’t even want to hear the word spirituality. I had become allergic to it, so I threw myself into over-the-edge bio-photonic medicine with the intention of rehabilitating my damaged and switched off endocrine system. The more I studied, the more I realised how invaluable the ancient knowledge I had been exposed to in my youth is (after I weeded out all the false and misleading information). I also noticed that it was completely in line with modern medicine’s most innovative discoveries.

One of the most impactful of all my realisations was that our bodies are only as healthy, strong, and capable of regeneration as our ignited or extinguished endocrine system allows them to be. Both sides of medicine also agree that the body’s main health switches are the glands located in our brain.

From that moment on, it became my mission to find the best and most effective way of activating these ‘switches’ and providing my endocrine and nervous systems with the ‘electricity’ they need for all the cells in the body to function optimally. Dr Alexander Popp was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery of the so called ‘bio-photonic’ light that radiates from every healthy cell in the body. The less healthy a cell is, the weaker it glows. Modern medicine thus concluded that the healthier we wish to become, the more light we need to ignite within our cells. Yogis and Taoist masters call this same process by a different name: ‘enlightenment’. Regardless of which path I took they all lead me to the glands in the head.


My most important discovery was the connection between the cranial muscle named temporalis and the glands in the head.

When the temporalis muscle starts to gravitate with age, the glands in our head start shutting off. That was when I realised that the most crucial muscles in our bodies – our facial muscles – were the most overlooked!


I started studying face yoga in Houston under Rose Tran and later enriched my knowledge with various Taoist techniques. After I successfully combined these two approaches, I sought help from Indian neurosurgeons and a Slovene doctor specialised in the endocrine system in order to test the effect my exercises had on the glands in the brain. Throughout this time, I also started upgrading my knowledge and techniques because I wanted to create a system that would effectively activate our hormones and rejuvenate the face.


Not only has the Yogini Face Lifting reignited my entire body, it has regenerated it to a point where my health has experienced a complete rebirth (at 38 I have the hormones of a teenager).

I have personally studied and tested out the effects of these workouts and their healing impact on eliminating trauma from the body, healing repressed emotions, and nipping self-sabotage in the bud. Our ability to live our greatest potentials depends on the state of the glands in our brain. They determine whether we will thrive or remain trapped in a cage of belittling ourselves, shying away from the beauty in our lives, and preventing ourselves from reaching for the amazing life we deserve.


I stand as proof of how incredibly our lives can transform, enlarge, and glow once we turn on our golden switches.

The broken, damaged, and abused little girl from my past is now a brave woman with an open heart who boldly and clearly lives her vision and helps others to see and embody themselves with the same strength. I have transformed the wounds of my past into the wings I now sore on.

I am finally WHOLE.


In the last ten years I have taught thousands upon thousands of women. I helped them overcome burnout syndrome and return their bodies to the best physical and psychological form of their lives. They have all become virtually invulnerable to stress.

I have given lectures to doctors, physiotherapists, medical personnel, cosmetologists, and cosmetic surgeons worldwide and worked together with several authorities and professionals in the field of endocrine and emotional medicine, therapeutic yoga, psychotherapy, and trauma rehabilitation. I have received many important pieces of the puzzle of face yoga from Mantak Chia, the greatest living Taoist master.


I have taught these exercises and techniques in the highest offices of the Bombay Stock Exchange, to the Young World Leaders, and presented them at the famous Santa Barbara Cancer Centre.

It is incredible to see the positive effect these exercises have on the seniors, people with disabilities, individuals suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, teenagers, children with disabilities, and so on. The exercises are also incredibly beneficial for victims of ‘burnout’ which often include artists and programmers. Although I predominantly teach women, my mission is to spread the awareness of this workout to anyone interested and make it universally available to anyone wishing to learn it.

Ana B.Mozetič

The greatest gift I could have possibly given myself and my 4-year-old daughter was that I started taking care of myself. I have no problem with my daughter being in the room watching be while I perform the exercises and pamper myself. Sometimes, I talk to her while I work out and explain to her what I am doing. Recently, I’ve caught her sitting in front of the mirror doing the Joker facial yoga pose all on her own. She also knows how to do the Cobra and the Downward Dog. I’ve even seen her massage her chest. It is so incredibly cute! 🙂

So, dear Savina, even if this is the only thing I achieve in the 5 Women Within Me online school, I have done more than I could have ever possibly imagined. By being authentic and true to my inner Woman, I can be a positive influence on my daughter and have the confidence to explain to her what is happening in her body as a little girl and what will happen when she grows into a Woman.

Nataša Forštner Holešek

Savina’s program 5 Women Within Me taught me so many new things, gave me several moments of realization (that I affectionately call OOOH moments), and gave me the confidence to believe that I can heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize my body. I learned how to use superfoods even more accurately and in more useful ways than ever before. My body feels completely reborn and my breasts are much fuller and perkier. My skin looks so much younger that you wouldn’t guess my actual age.

🙂 People keep asking me what my secret to looking so good and having so much energy is. 🙂 Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and I felt like a shadow of my former self. Now my looks, energy levels, and my health are better than ever before!

Mateja Praznik

I am so grateful for all the incredible people and all the amazing Women I have met in and through this community, and for all the interesting topics that I could discover, listen to, contribute to, and further delve into by myself. One of the best things about this community for me was finding my personal business coach. She is the perfect fit for me, and we have been working together ever since. I also loved the Theta meditations Savina and Iza Login shared with us. They were truly groundbreaking for me.
The topics, discussions, and lectures that we could follow via Facebook Live were amazing as well. But most importantly, Savina, your genuine nature and your openness were the greatest gifts I have ever received.

Tanja Rihteršič

In the summer of 2017, I suffered a severe panic attack. It was the worst moment of my life so far. After that I entered the Golden Woman Lifting school and not only have I learned a lot about facial yoga, healthy food and eating habits, feminine energy, relationships, and health in general, but the Golden Woman Lifting program has helped me fully heal my body and mind.